Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient holistic healing technique which is an ideal therapy during pregnancy as the aim of it is to balance the body. It can be beneficial for expectant, labouring or newly delivered women.


Reflexology for Infertility

For many couples sub-fertility and infertility can be emotionally exhausting, not to mention an expensive condition. Sub-fertility is diagnosed when a female does not fall pregnant after 12 months of trying.


Stress and Anxiety

Stress is an increasing reaction to the swift changes to our way of life in the 21st century and we need reflexology to promote balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body.


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Welcome to Reflexology Melbourne

Reflexology is both a therapy and a healing art that uses pressure points on the hands, feet, face and ears. The act of applying pressure results in stress reduction, which causes a physiological change in the body. ​The treatment used by Reflexology Melbourne quells pain, reduces stress, illness and injury and provides a delightful feeling of relaxation.


Reflexology: a step in the right direction for health and balance

Practioner: Kate Madigan Diploma of Reflexology

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