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Getting Pregnant With PCOS Naturally

Good quality food, regular sleep and vitamins and minerals will assist both males and females with their fertility and it is wise to wait for at least six months after withdrawing from birth control pills before attempting to get pregnant to allow a woman’s natural fertility cycles to commence again.

Reflexology therapy is a very natural method for bringing the body and the endocrine system back into balance.  A well trained fertility reflexologist will work on the specific reflex zones on the feet to encourage the body to make subtle changes to the hormones and encourage the endocrine system to move towards regular ovulatory cycles in readiness for conception.

It may take time to make these changes and generally a reflexologist will recommend that a weekly treatment is essential for a few weeks followed by fortnightly and then monthly treatments.  Treatments from 3 months to up to a year are usual with PCOS depending on the regularity or lack of regularity of cycles at the commencement of the treatment.  Each treatment lasts for approximately an hour, it is very therapeutic and relaxing and reduces stress as it improves fertility.

Why not give it a trial and avoid the round of synthetic hormones and injections of other methods to get pregnant.

How To Get Pregnant with PCOS

For other more serious conditions seek medical help from your treating doctor or midwife.

Studies have shown that women who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy have far shorter labours than those who don’t; and more relaxed, comfortable births.

*From the “The Effects of Reflexology on Labour Outcome” by Dr Gowri Motha and Dr. Jane McGrath, Forest Gate, London, England, 1988.

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