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Migraine Treatment

Migraine is a debilitating disorder that affects large numbers of the population for one or two days and up to 15 days a month for some people, men women and children.  In adults it commonly starts after the age of 20, may vary in frequency and can last up to the age of 55.

Common stomach aches in children often graduate to migraines in adulthood.  It is widespread in women. 3 out of 4 sufferers are women and it is mostly related to female hormones. Therefore a migraine treatment can be crucial in addressing this.

Migraine is an inherited disorder and in the western world 1 in 6 households has a migraine sufferer and half of all migraines are never properly diagnosed.

What is the cause of migraine?

It is triggered by an action between the brain and the blood vessels in the head.  A migraine attack often commences with visual disturbances, such as an aura and there are usually problems with vision during an attack. Vomiting and stomach pains are common.

Much research indicates a link between the brain and the digestive system and further research is necessary to establish if a change in the communication link between the brain and the digestive system could be a possible cause of some migraines.

Employers lose millions of dollars in lost productivity each year.  It is a crippling condition and it is imperative to look for a solution to help sufferers diminish the frequency and severity of their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Natural migraine treatment

Complimentary therapies that may assist with migraine include:

  • Acupuncture,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Chiropractic therapy,
  • Meditation and Reflexology

In 1995 the National Board of Health in Denmark conducted a reflexology research program with 220 migraine sufferers.  They were treated by 78 reflexologists over a period of 3 months.

The results at the end of the study were 16% of people reported they were cured, 65% said reflexology had helped and 18% were unchanged.
International Council of Reflexologists Newsletter, June 2016.

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