Pelvic girdle pain occurs in around 20% of pregnant women. The pain can be felt in the hip, back, buttocks or in front of the pubic bone. Pelvic girdle pain is often debilitating and usually increases as the pregnancy advances. Sometimes it starts in early pregnancy and continues through to labor, typically it begins in the second or third trimester. More often it occurs in 2nd and subsequent pregnancies. Some pregnant Mum’s who visit me for reflexology, arrive on crutches and leave my clinic walking without pain.

Following a regular reflexology treatment I work on a point on the foot related to the pelvis. The pain in the foot is sharp initially and lasts for two minutes but the relief from the pelvic pain comes in a rush with a surge of new energy. Forget exercises and supporting belts, visit a qualified and trained maternity reflexologist who will totally remove the pain in just one visit.

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