Reflexology Methods can improve fertility in both men and women with great effect.

The next step is deciding which fertility method you which to go down.  Do you want to take the natural path and consult a natural therapist or do you want to take the IVF path?


If the male partner has an issue with his sperm, Reproflexology methods will make significant changes with weekly non-invasive treatments on the feet over 8-12 weeks.  Andrologist specialists conduct extensive tests on males and it is worthwhile making an appointment to see an Andrologist for tests. IVF doctors do not advertise that they have a protocol for working on improving male sperm but instead conduct egg harvesting with females, obtain a sample of male semen with some healthy sperm to mix with healthy eggs. Embryos are cultured and a healthy one sometimes two are selected to transfer to the female uterus.


The cost for Reproflexology treatment over 8-12 weeks is $800-$1,000.

IVF egg harvesting treatment plus embryo transfer for a female is enormously more expensive.


Reproflexology provides a structured method approach to fertility issues for both males and females using medical testing to support evidence of its outcomes alongside the benefit that the majority of couples have a baby at the end of their combined fertility and pregnancy treatment.


  1. “In a 2018 study carried out by the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, 68% of clients conceived whilst having reflexology using structured methods. The study looked at 180 clients, of whom 122 conceived naturally and a further 22 were being supported during IVF.  Although the IVF group was small, the success rates more than doubled  from 25% to 52% using the reflexology supported technique of Reproflexology”  This study not only identified the high success rate of reflexology for natural fertility it also identified the successful benefit of combining Reproflexology techniques with IVF cycles.  If you would like to know more about these procedures contact me on my website.


  1. The Article on the above study was written by Barbara Scott the founder of the Reproflexology fertility techniques and published in the journal of the Reflexology Association of Australia.