The House of Wellness interview

Kate from FHR Reflexology was interviewed on The House of Wellness on TV. Watch the segment below.


Reflexology and Endometriosis

Endometriosis can be removed through surgery but symptoms begin to recur after a couple of months. Reflexology is undeniably effecting in treating endometriosis it focuses on eliminating the individual symptoms of the condition and more importantly it helps in addressing the root cause of the condition. Reflexology improves the well being of women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis by relieving their stress, balancing their hormones, improving their sleep quality, enhancing their digestion and increasing their fertility. Women prefer reflexology because it is non-invasive and painless. Furthermore, it brings satisfactory effects in relieving the symptoms of the condition without any adverse side effects to the body and it increases a woman's probability of getting pregnant. Want to find out more give me a call or see further details on my website.


Reproflexology methods

Reflexology Methods can improve fertility in both men and women with great effect. The next step is deciding which fertility method you which to go down.  Do you want to take the natural path and consult a natural therapist or do you want to take the IVF path?   If the male partner has an issue with his sperm, Reproflexology methods will make significant changes with weekly non-invasive treatments on the feet over 8-12 weeks.  Andrologist specialists conduct extensive tests on males and it is worthwhile making an appointment to see an Andrologist for tests. IVF doctors do not advertise that they have a protocol for working on improving male sperm but instead conduct egg harvesting with females, obtain a sample of male semen with some healthy sperm to mix with healthy eggs. Embryos are cultured and a healthy one sometimes two are selected to transfer to the female uterus.   The cost for Reproflexology [...]


Are you trying to get pregnant when you have been told one in six couples experience infertility?  I hope this does   not make you stressed, because you have also heard that stress is not good when you are trying to get pregnant.  Keep cool, the first thing you need to know is that a confirmed pregnancy can take between 6-12 months to achieve.  If you get pregnant straight away, an alcohol free celebration is in order, but it it takes a few months, what the heck, you can have fun while you you are trying.  If you have not gone down this path before, remember, it takes two to tango!  Lots of tangoing is recommended! Eat those healthy fresh fruit and vegetables, lay off some of the carbohydrates, exercise regularly and get a good 7-8 hours sleep each night.  Of course, alcohol, drugs and smoking will very likely reduce your chances of success, so it [...]


Male Fertility Research is Underwhelming

The research conducted at the University of Jerusalem on Western men’s fertility in 2017, (refer to my last blog where it is detailed extensively) is leading to a growing realization that male infertility is not just a problem now, but it is a runaway increasing problem and growing at 1.4% every year. Until recently the focus on fertility research has been centered on women’s reproductive health and male reproductive health has been ignored. IVF targets women and this takes a huge toll on the physical and emotional reactions of women.  GP’s often feel they do not have an option but to refer couples to fertility clinics when they conduct sperm testing and the results are on the low side. This makes men feel utterly powerless and adds to their deep questioning of their masculinity.   There is another option and it is a much more rewarding path to take, and that is the natural fertility [...]

Autism and Reflexology

Autism is a developmental condition that can be evident within the first few years of a childs life. The number of people who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to rise in Australia. Children with autism often show the following behaviours: difficulties relating to and communicating with other people often repeat a particular behaviour over and over, or become fixated on an object unusual sensory issues (such as sensitive to sound, or the feel and smell of things) There is no clear explanation about what causes ASD. Reflexology assists children with autism because it reduces anxiety and helps improve the social behaviour of challenged children.  Once the trust between the reflexologist and the child is established the child allows themselves to let go and the touch therapy leads to an increased feeling of comfort and wellbeing.  Short sessions with children lead to increased calm with each additional session.


Foods to increase fertility

To optimise fertility, you and your partner should start prepping your bodies at least 3 months before trying to conceive. Here are the best foods to increase your likelihood of success.


Pelvic Girdle Pain In Pregnancy (eliminate pain totally in two minutes with reflexology)

Pelvic girdle pain occurs in around 20% of pregnant women. The pain can be felt in the hip, back, buttocks or in front of the pubic bone. Pelvic girdle pain is often debilitating and usually increases as the pregnancy advances. Sometimes it starts in early pregnancy and continues through to labor, typically it begins in the second or third trimester. More often it occurs in 2nd and subsequent pregnancies. Some pregnant Mum’s who visit me for reflexology, arrive on crutches and leave my clinic walking without pain. Following a regular reflexology treatment I work on a point on the foot related to the pelvis. The pain in the foot is sharp initially and lasts for two minutes but the relief from the pelvic pain comes in a rush with a surge of new energy. Forget exercises and supporting belts, visit a qualified and trained maternity reflexologist who will totally remove the pain in just one [...]


Fix Your Child’s Bed Wetting Problem During School Holidays

Does your school age child still wet the bed at night?  The clinical name for bed wetting is Enuresis and it is one of the most common conditions in early childhood, frustrating for parents and embarrassing for children.  The problem is not within the child’s control because all children develop control of their bladder at night at a different age, the most common age is three to four years, bed wetting is a development issue. Although the most common stats show that at age four, 25% of children are still wetting every night.  At age five, 15% are still wetting their bed several nights a week and at age eight, 7% are still wetting the bed and it goes on slowly reducing, often until the child is in their teens.  Some children just take longer than others to develop this function. Fine you might say, but knowing this does not assist with the constantchanging [...]


Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Reflexology

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease of the Central nervous System.  The cause is unknown but it is believed to be immune system related.  There is no known cure although medication to treat the disease is increasing.  MS leads to many debilitating symptoms including pain, numbness, paralysis and incontinence.  The condition may take several years, sometimes 30-40 years to develop to a significant level in some people, whereas in other people it may lead to a very fast degeneration over less than five years. No two people have the same symptoms.  The majority of people with MS have at least 4-5 symptoms and they may be a mixture of physical and emotional symptoms.  The mounting pain and disability which increases over the years puts enormous strain on the health and the lifestyle of MS patients. Reflexology is a popular treatment for people with Multiple Sclerosis and has been utilised over the years by people [...]

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