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Reflexology Methods can improve fertility in both men and women with great effect. The next step is deciding which fertility method you which to go down.  Do you want to take the natural path and consult a natural therapist or do you want to take the IVF path?   If the male partner has an issue with his sperm, Reproflexology methods will make significant changes with weekly non-invasive treatments on the feet over 8-12 weeks.  Andrologist specialists conduct extensive tests on males and it is worthwhile making an appointment to see an Andrologist for tests. IVF doctors do not advertise that they have a protocol for working on improving male sperm but instead conduct egg harvesting with females, obtain a sample of male semen with some healthy sperm to mix with healthy eggs. Embryos are cultured and a healthy one sometimes two are selected to transfer to the female uterus.   The cost for Reproflexology [...]

Male Fertility Research is Underwhelming

The research conducted at the University of Jerusalem on Western men’s fertility in 2017, (refer to my last blog where it is detailed extensively) is leading to a growing realization that male infertility is not just a problem now, but it is a runaway increasing problem and growing at 1.4% every year. Until recently the focus on fertility research has been centered on women’s reproductive health and male reproductive health has been ignored. IVF targets women and this takes a huge toll on the physical and emotional reactions of women.  GP’s often feel they do not have an option but to refer couples to fertility clinics when they conduct sperm testing and the results are on the low side. This makes men feel utterly powerless and adds to their deep questioning of their masculinity.   There is another option and it is a much more rewarding path to take, and that is the natural fertility [...]


As a Reflexologist my work involves treating people to assist their body to function well and heal naturally.   In the Western World in the past 20 years, and way back into antiquity in Asia, Reflexologists, along with other natural therapists have been treating couples to enhance their chance of conception, with natural fertility methods.  Our work along with the work of IVF doctors is growing, because we are facing an increasing trend of frustrating infertility in young couples who so desperately want a family. One in six couples are now dealing with an inability to conceive and this is based on statistics in the Western World.   This problem is attributed roughly 50/50 to endocrine problems in both males and females, it is not just a female problem at all. IVF doctors are suggesting that females who are 32 years of age and do not expect to commence their families for a few more [...]

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