As a Reflexologist my work involves treating people to assist their body to function well and heal naturally.


In the Western World in the past 20 years, and way back into antiquity in Asia, Reflexologists, along with other natural therapists have been treating couples to enhance their chance of conception, with natural fertility methods.  Our work along with the work of IVF doctors is growing, because we are facing an increasing trend of frustrating infertility in young couples who so desperately want a family. One in six couples are now dealing with an inability to conceive and this is based on statistics in the Western World.


This problem is attributed roughly 50/50 to endocrine problems in both males and females, it is not just a female problem at all. IVF doctors are suggesting that females who are 32 years of age and do not expect to commence their families for a few more years should undergo hormone stimulation, egg collection, freezing and storing of their eggs for later.  I have assisted several females to improve their endocrine system and then go on to successfully conceive and deliver a welcome child. A man’s endocrine system can also improve and a normal sperm result can be achieved in 8-12 weeks with reflexology, but men are not aware of, or not encouraged to take this easy and natural fertility path.


My concern is that very little is being done to treat male infertility issues and women are encouraged to go through the tortuous process of IVF, often cycle after cycle or miscarriage after miscarriage and doctors are not treating the males for their endocrine issues. I think this is very sad and it creates untold stress for males and their partners. Now, this is a wake-up call and alarm bells should be ringing around the world. Let me give you the statistics on male infertility from various publications and university studies from scientists.


The Guardian – Robin Mckie 29-7-2017

“The male infertility crisis is beyond doubt.  Now Scientists must find the cause. Sperm counts in Western men have halved.”  Topics on infertility are increasingly found in science fiction films and TV dramas, where childless civilisations desperate to prevent collapse turn to methods to improve their fertility, an example is The Handmaid’s Tale.


University of Jerusalem Scientists report sperm counts have more than halved in past 40 years and are dropping by 1.4% a year. A standout claim that Humanity could soon become extinct!


Quartz News Website in a highly alarmist manner, is quoting the University of Jerusalem report of 50% of men infertile now or dropping by 1.4% per year.  This publication has extrapolated those figures to make a claim that “Most men in the US and Europe could be infertile by 2060.”


Sobering as these figures sound and if they are true, as it seems they are, as more and more studies become available, scientific research is needed and it is needed now.


Edinburgh University – Professor Richard Sharpe said “we have no treatments for improving sperm production in infertile men.  He said the problem is urgent because couples are starting their families much later in their 30s when a woman’s egg levels are dropping rapidly.  At the same time men have much lower sperm counts.  The couple have no choice but to turn to IVF or remain childless.  IVF assists in some couples, but it subjects the female to invasive medical treatments and synthetic hormones, that are not acceptable to some couples.”


A Study in Human Reproduction Update by Hagai Levine and others is an analysis of 100 previous studies in male fertility.  “Professor Chris Barratt at Dundee University described it as a landmark study that should ring alarm bells.” and Professor Daniel Brison said, “it’s shocking results should act as a wake-up call to prompt active research in the area.”


The World Health Organisation (WHO) 2018 described current knowledge of male infertility as very low.


Not a lot of information on male infertility is available in Australia the IVF clinics only target female infertility.  Andrologist’s work with male fertility but this is a much smaller area of medicine and any work in this area is swamped by the noise coming from the IVF industry. I found one document on the Royal Australian College of GP’s site.



RACGP Male Infertility – The other side of the equation 9/2017.

It mentions that “male factor infertility is 50% in all couples who fail to conceive and concern was registered that it causes significant psychosocial marital stress.”  The point was also made that “in 30-40% of male infertility cases examined, no cause has been found.”


So where do we go from here?  You may be interested in a recent study carried out by The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (UK report) 68% of couples conceived while having reflexology with specific, developed and published reproductive standard techniques. Both males and females were included and had reflexology in this study.  “The study looked at 180 couples, of whom 122 conceived whilst receiving reflexology. 100 conceived naturally, and a further 22 were being supported during their IVF treatment.  Although the IVF group was small, the success rates more than doubled from 25% to 52% using the supportive techniques of Reproflexology.


If you find this information interesting and helpful and feel that it has added to your own knowledge in the area of infertility but would like to know more, please send me an email or give me a call, all the details are on my website.


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The Infertility crisis is beyond doubt.>jul


University of Jerusalem

Sperm counts of Western men are plummeting