If you and your partner are hoping to produce a baby it is as important for a male to test the amount of sperm being produced, the mobility of the sperm and the quality and shape of the sperm as it is to check the fertility levels of the female.  The male test for sperm is so much more simple than most of the tests for females.  So the first step is to contact your doc tor for a check up of your general health and/or a referral or a fertility clinic if there is one in your area.

If you want to test for healthy sperm at least 4 to 6  months before the test you would be wise to eliminate the following from your life:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • mutagenic agents such as radiation, heavy metals, chemicals, drugs and environmental toxins.

Another test is a test for varicose veins in the testes as this can cause problems with the production of healthy levels of sperm.

Adequate Nutrition

A healthy and nutritional diet should be part of the plan so contact your naturopath for advise on a suitable diet and any supplements you may need to increase your chances for fatherhood.  Daily exercise is important as your level of fitness is in direct proportion to the fitness of your sperm.  Be careful not to overexercise as exhaustion also affects your sperm count.  There are also many herbs which can help to increase your fertility levels so get advice on these too.

Reduce Stress

Stress too, can cause problems.  The question of whether stress can lead to infertility or vice versa has been researched and debated at length.  There is little doubt, though, that infertility is stressful.  Men show a reaction to stress by a fall in their sperm count and sperm counts often reduce just before a sample is required for IVF treatment although the count was at normal levels until then.

Reflexology Sessions

Regular sessions of reflexology will reduce your stress and this wonderful relaxing therapy on the endocrine reflex points on the feet will increase your chances of producing healthy and abundant sperm.  When a woman consults me for fertility treatment I generally advise that she bring her partner as well so that the treatment improves both their chances of a successful conception.  My aim is to make the initial consultation as stress free as possible and a caring and understanding therapist is what is needed at a time like this.